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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems in Orlando and The Villages, FL

If your energy bills continuously rise as time goes by, this could be due to the fact that the fuels being used to power your home are slowly running out. With the looming scarcity of fossil fuels, which most electricity providers are dependent upon, it may be time to look toward alternative sources of energy.

You may have heard of the term “photovoltaics,” or the phrase “photovoltaic system.” The first term is used to describe the conversion of light into usable energy, and the latter is a system that uses this conversion of light into electricity to power homes, and even cars. For you to be able to go "off the grid" and provide your home with electricity that is not dependent on fuels, a photovoltaic system is exactly what you need.

Photovoltaic systems consist of a number of components that include an inverter, fusebox, AC and DC isolators, generation meters, and batteries, just to mention a few. The main component of these systems, however, is the solar array. This consists of numerous solar cells that are connected together in what is called a solar module. It will take a few solar modules for you to complete a solar array, and a sizable enough solar array to provide your entire home with enough electricity to meet all of its needs.

Solar arrays that are used for a home photovoltaic system are often mounted on the roof. This is to give the solar cells the best possible chance to absorb the rays of the sun without the shadows that surrounding trees and structures can create, thereby obstructing them. This also helps to effectively utilize space that you normally wouldn’t use, which is the space on your roof.

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If you are thinking of using a photovoltaic system for your energy needs, rely only on experts like Luma Dynamics for your transition to off-grid power. We have licensed professionals on hand to not only help you with your solar panel installation needs, but also to help you choose the best system for your home. You will not only have the capability to put the sun to work for your electrical needs, but you will also end up saving a lot of money in the long run since you will no longer have expensive electricity bills to worry about.


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